Why Go RVing?

It’s Easy On The Pocketbook

Free time shouldn’t cost a lot of money. Owning an RV makes economic sense by significantly reducing costs associated with travel. Many RV models allow a family of four to save up to 74 percent on vacation costs compared with other forms of travel. That calculation takes into account RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, tax breaks, registration and depreciation.
Want to take a family of four to Disney World for a week? Traveling to Orlando in a typical family motor home will cost you 53 percent less than flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel and eating out, according to Go RVing. A trip to the Grand Canyon in a folding camping trailer will cost 70 percent less than driving and using hotels and restaurants.

It’s A Healthier Lifestyle

RV families enjoy walking, biking, jogging and hiking. According to a Campfire Canvass survey, 70% of RVers say they walk more when on RV trips than when they are at home. RVers also say they specifically travel by RV to participate in outdoor activities like hiking and nature walks.

Increasing activity while on the road, escaping stress, recharging batteries, and bonding/reconnecting with family members all help to explain why RVers feel happier and healthier than if they didn’t RV. RVs reduce vacation stress by allowing travelers to control their own schedule and timetable, by keeping the family relaxed in familiar surroundings, and by making spur-of-the-moment getaways possible by leaving the RV packed with the staples needed to head out of town with little planning. And, since rest contributes to overall physical health, sleeping in a familiar, comfortable bed plays a major role in recharging the body’s batteries.

And, maintaining normal eating patterns is not easily accomplished while waiting in airport terminals, staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants. RVs make mealtime decisions easy because not only are they equipped with on-board pantries and cabinets for non-perishable storage, ovens/stoves and microwaves for cooking, and refrigerators/freezers to store your favorite meal ingredients.

Travel With Creature Comforts

Fully equipped kitchens and baths, central air and heat, TVs, VCRs and surround-sound speakers give today’s RV travelers all the amenities of home. Many RV units also are equipped with slide-out sections expanding the living, bedroom, kitchen, and

Some of the modern conveniences and creature comforts available in many of today’s RVs include:

  • Choice of twin, double, queen, or king-sized beds, and bunk beds for the kids
  • Full bath and shower or tub
  • Refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Full range with oven
  • Trash compactor
  • Satellite dish
  • Internet-ready computer station
  • Closed-circuit rear-view camera for backing up
  • Washer and dryer
  • Outdoor entertainment center
  • Global positioning systems
  • Driver’s seat with built in heat and massage

Bring The Family Pets

Travel can be stressful, especially for pets and their owners. According to a survey conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, 48% of the nation’s 8.3 million RV owners travel with their pets, with dogs topping the list. RV travel eliminates the inconvenience of boarding, crating, or shipping pets. Instead, the beloved member of the family rides first class in an RV complete with windows for a breath-taking view, enough room for walking around, and a soft place to nap.

Escape To The Outdoors

Traveling in an RV can help foster a love for the outdoors. RV owners surveyed by Robert Hitlin & Associates cited teaching children a respect for nature as an important benefit of family RV camping. Of those who camped as children, 95% said it had a positive impact on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and insight into different people and places.

In an RV, you can experience the great outdoors up close. Whether your passion is hiking, canoeing, attending festivals, or camping with the kids, RVing is a fun and affordable way to experience these activities more often.

Retire in Style

Seniors find that today’s RV’s make travel and camping comfortable and accommodating, even for those with physical restrictions. Many of these “condos-on-wheels” have slide out rooms that expand their interior space by about one-third at the push of a button. On-board closets and storage space eliminate the need to pack, unpack and carry bulky suitcases. Fully equipped kitchens help older RVers follow special diets and vacation more economically by avoiding fast-food eateries and high-priced restaurants.

RV travel also fosters a sense of community, offering mature travelers a valuable network of friends who share common interests. Especially popular among seniors are camping clubs, which provide an active social network on the road. Camping clubs hold annual conventions, regional rallies, campouts and other events to bring RVers together.